The Road To Fitness

The continuously inflow of recent kind of innovations and gadget additionally do now not assist and may intimidate beginners to the health world. We have compiled a list of the maximum commonplace phrases regarding fitness device and ruin them all the way down to easy to recognize, non-jargon reasons. We have additionally exact which body element the device objectives, if relevant. If words like ergometer, P80 console and smith device baffle you, this listing might be your buddy. We have amassed up all of the fitness gadget names that we ought to discover and we’re constantly adding to this listing.

Ab Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: abdominals

An ab bench is a health bench this is typically at a decline, generally with padded leg rollers to hook your legs or foot round to perform a crunch or take a seat-up. There also are adjustable versions of these where you can perform unique physical activities on.

Adjustable Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

Similar to a flat bench, but they may be adjustable Weight loss program to both emerge as a flat bench, an incline bench or a decline bench.


An abbreviation for the Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) that’s an all-in-one elliptical gadget. It is able to trade strides and adapt to the consumer with none guide changes.

Arc Trainer

Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, middle (if it consists of upper frame: triceps, biceps, returned)

A aerobic machine created by Cybex that intently resembles an elliptical, but the impartial floating pedal mechanism further reduces effect for your lower joints.

Assisted Chin Dip

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: triceps, deltoids, pectorals, abdominals, biceps

An assisted chin dip system is a tower with two protruding rods. Some machines can have the consumer either kneel or stand on a weighted platform. The person starts with their hands at a 90 diploma angle and extends their palms to carry out the workout.


See access for elliptical.

Curl Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

Also once in a while called a preacher curl. This bench resembles a seat with a padded section in the front. The consumer places their arm over the padded section of the bench and can perform curls with proper form.


One of the main manufacturers of fitness equipment. They specially concentrate on generating power gadget with over one hundred fifty specific pieces. Cybex is likewise known for his or her revolutionary Arc Trainer aerobic machines.

Decline Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A weight bench wherein the consumer’s legs are higher than their head. It is used for bench presses that target the lower portion of the chest.


Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, core (if it consists of higher frame: triceps, biceps, returned)

An elliptical is a desk bound aerobic machine that simulates running or hiking. Users stand on pedals which lets in for an extremely low effect exercise. Some elliptical also have movable arms for you to additionally permit for a further top body exercise. Also every now and then called an elliptical crosstrainer or a crosstrainer.